Alma mater

alma "nourishing/kind", mater "mother"

There is no mother more influential, than the one that bestows us "life education," our beloved alma mater.

If you are a school that ensures students grow-up right, one that teaches them to live upright, that believes in holistic development, then what we have is something you definitely need!

The data is irrefutable

The statistics are frightening. A seemingly happy child may actually be contemplating suicide. The following are statistics from India

  • 32.6% of children in classes XI and XII are symptomatic of "Psychiatric Caseness" *
  • 47% of children in classes VI to XII showed Stress **
  • 44% showed Anxiety **
  • 9% showed Anger **

Today, it is the schools that must do the "right things" - good parenting is a bonus.

It's still not too late, all you need is intent, for we have a system.

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* Sibnath Deb, Esben Strodl, Jiandong Sun, Academic Stress, Parental Pressure, Anxiety and Mental Health among Indian High School Students, International Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, Vol. 5 No. 1, 2015, pp. 26-34. doi: 10.5923/j.ijpbs.20150501.04.

** PREVALENCE OF STRESS, ANXIETY AND ANGER AMONG SCHOOL CHILDREN by Dr. Radhika Taroor, Student Counsellor cum Instructor in Behavioral Science, Gulf Medical University, Ajman, UAE


What is growupright?
A solution for an important but hitherto ignored area – Student Wellness. It helps monitor, track and control school children's wellness.

Competent teachers know the children in and out, do they need an application?
Yes, they do but they are only human. And it is human to focus on the "best" and the "worst" and miss out on a large population in-between. Is it worth chancing a child's future?

Schools know when a child needs help, but parents refuse and blame the school!
Parents will be parents. We understand this well and that is why we have a incident tracking system, to help you convince parents and help them understand their children better.

Just don't see how a system can help
That's only fair. Give us a meeting and few minutes to show you - then you be the judge

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  • Recording of medical, physical and psychological parameters of the child at regular intervals
  • Early indication of physical, medical, emotional and learning conditions that may need attention, with suggested program support
  • Personalized health program for every child
  • Wellness report that is to be provided along with the academic report
  • Incident recording over years to enable the teachers to explain to parents issues that may need parental support
  • Note keeping system for counsellors with history and integrated wellness program enhancement
  • Involvement of both teachers and parents in child wellness
  • Periodic alerts, notifications and analytic reports for both school and parent
  • COMPLETE confidentiality and security of data


We offer multiple options and can even work out a customised offer

  • Packages in partnership with quality service providers
  • Software platform with integration to your existing ERP
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We'll work out the best solution for you at the best price.

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